Kinshizen with CG

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Kinshizen means ...

1. Changing the way of thinking from opposition toward nature to co-existence with nature.
Stop fighting against nature and start to think and act in accordance with nature.

2. Wealth through the use of solar energy (light, warmth, wind, rain, biomass). Oil is becoming more and more expensive. Solar energy makes us independent of oil and protects the environment.

Solar energy means ...

3. Concentrate strains on environment and pollution of environment in one place. But spread the measures in favor of nature as much as possible.
e.g. Better to have one urban area than houses everywhere. And better to produce solar energy wherever it is possible.

4. Instead of trying to mend a faulty system we have to come up with a completely new solution/system.
Changing the way of thinking from partial to integrated.

5. Landschaft (a good feeling): a new standard of environmental assessment
A good feeling is important for our good life and survival

6. Proposal for you: “clean & green village” = Kinshizen  village
* care for nature and environment
    - treatment of sewage and waste
* try to get out of foreign dependence
    - use solar energy instead of oil as much as possible
    - use your own water, food, clothes, houses .....
    - independent of foreign money & economy
    - independent of foreign culture & education
* save your jobs
    - use manpower and solar energy
    - produce high quality and long life products
    - first work foryourself, not for export
    - promote your village and products in the web
* coordination with neighbors

7. Kinshizen is risk management to prevent loss of lives in case of natural disasters and to realize a good life.

  from conventional way          to Kinshizen way

Master of engineering (graduate doctor course)
Researcher of Kinshizen
Director of Swiss Kinshizen Institute
Guest Professor of Hokkaido University of Science
Universal Adviser of SADO College
Budo / Shin Aiki (真合気) Lecturer of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and University of Zurich
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